Thursday, 17 September 2009

Making The Base

Between packing up the old studio and moving I've had to keep working on my on going projects. I began making the bricks for the base of my 'Castleford Memory Map' at the beginning of this week. Each brick is individually hand cut using a wooden pattern box.

Building up the base, trying to keep levels correct.

I had to move the piece onto a table, as my back began to ache!!
I realized that something was wrong. The walls seemed to be slipping off the vertical. I then noticed that the blocks were uneven...

... another wooden box was constructed and every brick has now been leveled.

Looking better.

The base is going to be carved with a low relief water design to represent the River Aire. The piece will be sited on the banks of the river adjacent to the new footbridge.

Over the next few days the relief design will begin to take shape.


That's the moving finished. Today we transferred the final box of stuff to the new studio.
It's been a bit of a slog trying to move and juggle work at the same time. The next few months will be 'interesting' trying to find tools etc. They were all carefully packed in boxes, but goodness knows where they are!!

Getting priorities right... microwave for heating soup and the kettle for the coffee were the first to be unpacked.

This is Fin's 3rd home... perhaps I'll get round to finishing him here!