Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mill Race

Use Stepping Stones Where The River Runs Slow
Use A Mill Wheel Where The River Runs Fast

We intend to create a series of sculptural interventions to compliment the experience of the play area. A series of giant 'stepping stones' drawing on the heritage of Wolverton Mill and the River Ouse. These pieces will be cast in cast-iron.
The 'stepping stones' can be used to play on, play around or simply sit upon.

The 'stepping stones' could be seen to represent a continuity of life stages - childhood - youth - adulthood.
We are currently working on designs which we hope to complete by the end of April.

Watermarks paving patterns

The work produced at the workshops has now been composed into nine 450mm x 450mm squares.
These will be cast in cast-iron to create a paved entrance feature for the play area.