Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swans progressing...

The six Swan pieces are coming along. This week I started on number 4. The others are not completed but I am now alternating between pieces. Nos 5 and 6 have been roughed out and I hope to work into them next week.

Tomorrow (Friday May 1st) Re-Launch will be delivered back to my studio from the foundry. 


  1. The Six Swans
    Kev the Swan - vocals (a swan song)
    Vesta Strikalite - lead guitar
    Krusty Staelbrot - rythmn guitar
    Cygnet R. Tune - bass guitar
    Beaky Neckbolt - keyboards
    Swan E. Rivvah - drums

    **** new single: Swan Love out now! ***
    produced by Ben Edict

  2. Swan-riffic! I particularly like the one with the head over the outer ring. Reliefs so great.